Knights Pilgrimage 5 of 5 Shining one makes an appearance

Okay, just in case you haven’t got the other 4 related posts on this, here is a link (Knights Pilgrimage) to them. Excellent! Now continue…. Steps of the Pilgrims Let’s start with a recap. I was waylayed by my Totem into going on a pilgrimage that I hadn’t needed or planned for, impromptu you might say. […]

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Glastonbury – A place for seeking beginnings

Over the last 2/3 years Gwas and I have ventured to Glastonbury on numerous occasions. Whether individually or together that place has been a definite experience generator. So it was that one fine Saturday in April 2011 I was heading out to Glastonbury. My main purpose was to meet up with the High Druid Brian […]

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