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Strengthening Tree Roots

If the title sounds like a practical guide to ecological well-being then it is only partly misleading! This story is a continuation of my tale about recovering a Golden Dragon that I was offered as a gift in Brittany. Now I am in Alderley Edge forest, and having re-acquired the Golden Dragon I am keen to see what we can do when we work together. In this tale I find that we can work some very practical and beneficial natural magick.
Firstly, I need to set some ground rules with the dragon. We agree that
  1. he will disappear when Kal is near so as not to affect him.
  2. he will only be available when my heart is true and the task is worthy
  3. I will call on his services by using a set of crystals which I am currently carrying
The sun emerges from a sullen sky at this moment. A sign that an agreement has been reached and that we are good to go. So I go, packing my things quickly and moving through the forest in search of a place where we can work together. I am using my dowsing rods as guidance, again because I want to retain an awareness of everything as I pass and devote my full energy to that.

The Golden Dragon Crystals

Next I need to know about the dragon crystal set – a set of six crystals that I brought with me “just in case”. I have no idea what they were originally assembled for – I don’t think I ever used them for anything, and yet they were available as a set when I needed them. That need was now. I think it’s worth mentioning that this set of crystals seems to have accumulated by itself over a period of time. I may have had an idea that some crystals were to be used in a kind of chakra set, but found that to be useless. Some crystals then were used elsewhere, and new ones were put in. For what reason I don’t know, but somehow, through some means, I appear to have exactly the right number of crystals and of the right kind. You’ll see how that work in a minute. Just remarking that some “setups” on this spiritual path take a long time to be realised. We should always allow for that, and not try to control or regulate everything. A little bit of chaos and seemingly random input may actually be a necessary part of a long-term magickal process which makes no rational sense until it’s realised.
As revealed in my previous post, tonight I’m following rabbits, like Neo from The Matrix, or Alice in Wonderland. As I move away from the oak tree I stand stock still – there’s a small hare sitting in front of me, watching me, only twenty feet away. It is very young, and I don’t want to scare it so I wait for it to move. It doesn’t. So I send it a thought, and push some energy towards it – “Guide me on my path tonight!“, I say.  It suddenly ‘sees’ me and bolts down the valley’s steep side. I follow the path above to see where it went, but it’s too fast and has disappeared, and so I am left to wind my way down the slope as best I can, in the same general direction.
Golden Dragon - Alderley Edge - May 2014 (10) (Large)

A young fallen rowan tree needing help

In front of me there is a fallen rowan tree. I feel I ought to give it some healing, and so I stop to do just that, using a combination of my own energy and some white light drawn from any spiritual source which would want to contribute to such an act. I am both channel and worker in that I combine the two sources, investing my own healing energy into a universal healing process, and blending it with an Otherwordly energy source.

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Avebury and the Mechanical Hole

After going to East Kennet it would have been rude of me not to visit another of my favourite sites in that area, so I went to Avebury. Even though the “official” car park was closing, I was able to park for free in the car park right next to the Red Lion pub in the centre of the village. I’m glad I didn’t park at the pub itself because soon hundreds of motorcycles appeared and began to congregate which would have made an escape quite tricky! Not that I dislike motorcycles – I ride one myself – so I got the chance to eyeball a few tasty specimens of chrominess before I departed later.

But I’m getting side-tracked! Back to the action, because I have a strange tale to recount. I began to walk around Avebury’s massive ring of stones. As you know by now, I have to have an intention – a motivation – for such trips so in the car I had been determining one. My intention would be to charge myself up and consolidate the energies I had gained from the work done at the East Kennet Barrow. A bit flimsy, I know, but it was all I could come up with in the ten-minute drive.

I put up some good amounts of protection (Avebury is visited by all types of people – some have good energies, some not) and then sat down by one of the stones that the dowsing rods said would be beneficial. Note: back to using rods here, not intuition. Hmmm..tiredness? Right, so I needed an intake of energy to re-invigorate me, and where better than the grandest stone circle of them all? I calmed down and tuned in. Nothing! Right. Change of tack – I would hand back over to intuition and see what happened. I picked up my three lit incense sticks and began to walk around the circle clockwise (the energy-making direction).

View along the ditch surrounding Avebury

Don’t walk there – walk here!

I stopped to gawp at all the big stones as I passed them. It’s not really “the done thing” to insist on walking all around the edge of the circle these days. There are paths and fences which lead the casual visitor through the stones in a quite definite way so that you can’t actually walk around the edge of the circle any more and are instead guided into the heart of the circle once you have crossed the road which cuts through the heart of the complex. Which is both a good and a bad thing. At nearby Stonehenge, for example, Kal and I were nearly sick with the bad energy of everyone being funneled around the stones in one direction only. But in this case I wanted to generate some energy so where possible I stuck to the outside edge and thought about subtle energy generation.

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