Hedge philosophy

Typhon and Delphine

As a pre-cursor to our trip to Greece I have been researching two aspects of energy forms that keep arising in works that I read, often seemingly un-related to the main topic. Those forms are some very early archetypes of the Male and Female earth energies – namely Typhon and Delphine. Typhon was created by the union of […]

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Ancient Sites | Modern Druidry | Quickie

Tyfos and Being directed

After our visit to the Church of St Mael and St Sulien (Sun God) our next stop was a sacred circle that we had looked for in the past without success, Tyfos. I picked it because I liked the name. It just jumped out at me. Fortunately with the techno-mage additions to our tools (namely […]

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Rosicrucian elements to the Knights Quest

Since beginning my Knights Quest I have been asked to obtain 9 Blue Keys to present to Cailleach this coming Autumn (see the Knights Quests posts).  This last weekend (12 Feb 2011) Gwas and I decided to visit some sacred sites that I had chosen in and around Llangollen in Wales. My choice had sights had […]

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