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Puzzle Hill and the Black Anaconda

I have not been out recently. Circumstances. Laziness. Work. Combinations of all three. This has led me to run out of posts for the first time in a long time. Trawling back through some of the drafts which I haven’t worked on yet I found one about a visualization which occurred during a session of […]

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The Yew of the Four Glyphs

On a delightfully warm and sunny Summer’s evening the intrepid duo ventured forth into the heartlands of Northern Wales in search of inspiration. Our destination was the ancient and venerable Yew tree of Llangernyw. The environs of Llangernyw were beginning to flourish with a beautiful display of wild flowers. We entered the graveyard, drinking in […]

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Hedge Druidry

Death is coming

A druid is asked to work with both light and darkness. The concepts of druidry seem to me to be centred around the concept of balance. All too often the concepts of life and death are separated out into their extremities. I like to think of existence as a sphere across whose surface we move […]

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