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2011 amazing times

In one sentence…

“The universe sings the song but you provide the song title”

Ok, I can see from the draft posts that Gwas is beginning his 2011 round up and since (see The World is Changing) the new spiral has already begun for me I thought I’d get my update in first!

In complete honesty 2011 has only one word that can describe it, amazing!

Where to begin? Of course this year has been dominated by my Knights Quest. So that is a good a place as  to start as any…

Knights Quest

It all came to the fore at Imbolc festival when, quite innocently, Gwas and I were venturing out to several sites. Our first stop was at a site we, incorrectly, identified as St Helen’s well. At this site I had a vision of that infamous entity Caileach. She directed me on a quest to fulfill the achievement of nine blue keys. Once this was achieved I would be knighted. I know, I still have to laugh when I think of it. But that adventure led me across the Atlantic on an improbable.

Although I tried to follow this questing path with courage and aplomb. It was late this Autumn that I was informed that the quest remained incomplete and that a tighter spiral would have to be journeyed. I am rather disappointed at that but understand now why it has to be thus. See? Sometimes you just need to be told twice!

Some of the more salient points (as determined by me) were:

  • Journeying 3,500 miles to the States
  • Personal physical healing
  • Creating a Knights Code to live by (which I have so far)

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Where is the knights quest leading?

With my recent trip to the hill of Silbury completing another of the blue keys (post pending) I just wanted to review for myself and you guys the current state of play.

As you may know a turning point came on the festival of Imbolc in the eaves of February 2011. Where completely by surprise and with no forewarning I was given a quest to complete. A journey to become a knight no less. At that time I assumed that I was communing with St Helen, at who’s well we were creating a ceremony. Later I was to learn that it was the infamous Caileach!

On this quest I was to collect or complete 9 blue keys. Thus with an adventurous heart I set off on a ride that quite literally has changed my life.

In pursuit of the first key I was taken 3,500 miles to the Big Apple  and there met the love of my life, Vivian. Who’s erstwhile name meant light. Thus was the first blue key obtained.

The second blue key was to involve strength of arm and involved seeking out a miraculous cure for healing myself and for creating a body deserving of a Knight. This key, as you might imagine is ongoing and being fulfilled on a daily basis.

The third blue key surfaced in the creation of a Knights Code, one that I am happy to say I live by on a daily basis.

The fourth key on this fabulous quest was to create a knights crest. As I found on a visit to the Merry Maidens sacred site. This was to feature a Dragon, Phoenix and infinity or Gemini symbology. I completed this key quite recently and a post is pending.

As I mention at the start, I have just returned from Silbury hill, having climbed that mound and encountered a blue key in the oddest of forms. So it was that the fifth key was well and truly achieved.

The post regarding Star Song ensured the completion of the sixth key which was obtained on my first trip to the Church of Light, Luds church.

The seventh key is still pending, to enter a tournament.

So here we are. Having crossed a 9 month period…

Hmmm as I wrote that a curious thought occurred to me. 9 months, as in the period a child spends in gestation before being born. Is that a coincidence? Definitely something to explore.

As I was saying 9 keys and 9 months. With 4 weeks remaining before the coming of the Samhain festival I have to ask. Where are the remaining two keys to be found. How am I going to enter a tournament?

A clue was given to me earlier last month at a Sacred site in South Wales. Which reminded me that my quest would not complete at Samhain but would take a distinct shift. Directed by the personification of Caileach in human form. So I am not too concerned with the lack of evidence for the final two keys.

Still, all I can say is that the ride has been the most amazing experience in my life and continues to be. Tally ho!

Kal Malik Knight Errant



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