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The Shining Ones: re-acquiring ancient knowledge

There have been many wild and fantastic suggestions and theories about the coming of the group known enigmatically as The Shining Ones. Some “theorists” have said that they were so called because they gave off an unearthly light, or that they were extra-terrestrial visitors who came down to give knowledge to the human race to […]

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Modern Druidry

Review of the Year 2009 – Part 4: Astrology and Astronomy

Section 4. Astrology and Astronomy This is the fourth in the series of posts that review the findings of this year. In this particular post I am discussing the relationship between earth energies, human energy fields and the wider cosmos. I have used the classification of “astronomy” to describe the information I have discovered (of course, ‘re-discovered’, […]

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Moel-Ty-Uchaf: The Venus connection

When Kal and I first visited the Moel-Ty-Uchaf stone circle at its lofty perch above the village of Llandrillo near to Bala in North Wales, I was particularly taken with it. Despite the immensely steep climb to reach it I have always felt that the view was worth the effort, but there was more to […]

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