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Imbolc 2016 P2 The Flame of Brigid

We were at Gawton’s Well. I say “we”, as I was with shamanic friend Julia. I was sitting beneath one of the guardian yew trees which congregate around the well head like static souls. Perched parrot-like I was rocking myself gently into a trance, intoning various snippets of near-silent whispers of wisdom. I was imparting my […]

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Energy cleansing

2013 Imbolc 1 St Anna

I could feel the energies of Imbolc on Friday 1st of Feb but still believed that the best day to be out was on the 2nd. Gwas and I had agreed to a 7:30am start. Phew! Fortunately, I had been getting up early throughout the week anyway so this was not an inconvenience. We had met […]

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Ancient Sites | Modern Druidry

Gawton Alignment Portal

In this second part of the story of my visit to Knypersley Pool (or Knypersley Reservoir) I will be telling you about the female equivalent of the Gawton Stone that was discovered in the first part. If we consider the stone to be the male aspect then the following feature could be said to be […]

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Ancient Sites

The Well of Saint Lassair

Kal and I are still just outside the village of Ballyfarnon on the shores of Lough Melagh. It is our first day in Ireland on my ancestor energies quest. We have just looked around Kilronan Abbey and found some interesting and significant graves. Now we’ve crossed the road to St Lassair’s Well. Saint Lassair is an interesting […]

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