The Role of The Fool

Happy April Fool’s Day. In recognition of this important day I wish to take you on a little journey – a Fool’s Journey. I want to re-enforce the importance of laughter. This year Kal got a message that would define his year’s perspective – it would be a year of laughter. He is still learning […]

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Theory | Wheel of the Year

The Quiet Time

I have been using the term “The Quiet Time” in recent posts and thought it was time that I explained this phrase better, and what the concepts are that I associate with this phrase. The Quiet Time is a period in the cycle of the Wheel of the Year, the turning of one season to […]

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Ancient Sites

The Authentic – A New Year Resolution Challenge

I have a challenge for you. A challenge that will take up the whole of next year. Are you up for it? This blog is based upon our tales of our authentic knowledge. Authentic knowledge is what we might call “first hand” knowledge – information that is obtained through our experience of the world. In […]

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Beltane I: Wisdom from Cailleach at Dinas Bran

It was a fabulous sunny day when we met up on the festival day of Beltane. Accompanying the sun was a fresh breeze that would be accompanying us off and on throughout the day. I had a feeling and decided to change the itinerary. Dinas Bran was to be the last place we were going […]

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