The Vortex of The Fortingall Yew

There is a tree that I have been hoping to visit since I first heard of its antiquity – The Fortingall Yew. It’s not every day that I get to visit Scotland, and so while I was “passing through” I made a slight detour in order to seek this tree out. Actually I made one […]

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Imbolc 2012 Part 1 The cleansing

I was looking forward to Imbolc with an anticipation that couldn’t be contained. What with such a fantastic start to last year I was expecting an equally fate-filled day. Our first stop was to be Lud’s Church, a place that has had some significance for me since my Knights Quest began. However Gwas had a Church […]

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Star Carr: Our Past, Their Clutter

I see that a combined team of Manchester and York University archaeologists have uncovered Britain’s oldest house to date in the ever-more-fascinating Star Carr site near the seaside town of Scarborough in the North East of England. Julian Cope was referring to Star Carr many years ago, long before many people were even aware of its significance (check out […]

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Edge Wizardry

What’s in a name?

OK, chastise me if you will, I have been away from this blog for ages. That is not to say that I haven’t been having adventures. Quite the opposite. Many exciting and revealing times continue to pass my way on a almost daily basis. I am going to have a monumental go at catching up […]

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