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Saving Annabel”

I never quite know how these things come about, but a friend of a friend of a friend of Kal’s mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know Kal’s inviting me to call them to arrange a visit. Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation […]

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Hedge Druidry

Solstice and The Death of the Sun

I have often heard people talking about “the death of the sun” but I wondered what that meant. Initially, I took it to mean that the sun would nto be visible for three days between 22nd-25th December. A quick glance into the sky showed me that this was not true. Some other astronomical effect was being symbolised […]

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Ancient Sites

2012 – Summary of the Year by Gwas

My summary of the year could easily take up several posts, but I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going to highlight the many important distinct elements that have taken place this year, and then provide links to the posts that illustrate these elements. On the whole it has been an amazingly packed, dense, active year. […]

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The Yule Union

I’m always at a loss as to what to do for Yule. Not being a sun-aligned person I just don’t get with the whole “welcome in the sun” thing. However, this year I was given the notion that I needed to be more welcoming of the sun, so for the first time I found a […]

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December podcast finally makes it live!

Roll up! Roll up! I managed to complete a hasty but content-packed podcast and it is now ready for your aural pleasuring on the podcast page, or from the link on the right-hand side of the page (as soon as that automatically updates). Lots to savour this month including verbal mini summaries of the year […]

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